Retired and avid mountaineer since a young age, I hope you can benefit from my experience to discover the beauty of the wild valleys and mountains of the center of Valais, that includes the highest peaks of the Alps: more than 30 of them toping 13000 feet are in the area, including the well-known Matterhorn, the Weisshorn, the Obergabelhorn, the Zinalrothorn, that tower over Zermatt and the Val d’Anniviers.

Over the years hiking and ascending prestigious summits, in Switzerland and abroad, I hope I can encourage you to better appreciate the beauties as well as the dangers of the mountains.

As the former president of the Monte Rosa Section, the most important Section of the Swiss Alpine Club and founding president of the cantonal rescue organization of Valais (OCVS), you will benefit from my advice and experience during your stay. You will also have the option to do hikes with me, if you so wish.